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What Do You Think of Schools Teaching “Responsible Drug Use”?

Question by Lightbringer: What do you think of schools teaching “responsible drug use”?
Our kids are probably going to use drugs at some point in their younger years. And I find it disgusting and tragic whenever I hear about a teenager’s death that came about probably because s/he didn’t know how certain drugs interacted or the danger of snorting Ritalin.

Sex Education is taught as a necessary evil. Abstinence is encouraged (it is legal and I think the better way to go) but just in case is covered.

That’s how education should deal with drug use. “Just say no,” is best, but a back up plan is needed.
It breaks my heart when a youngster’s life is cut short because s/he didn’t see an avoidable danger of mixing a with b or s/he misused his/her prescription drug.
What do you think?

Treatments for Opiate Addiction


Treatments for Opiate Addiction – Dr. Ptacek explains variouse treatments to opiate addiction, and introduces the most modern treatment – Suboxone.


Addicted Oklahoma: How can Oklahoma combat doctor-shopping?
The Oklahoman's Jaclyn Cosgrove and Oklahoma Watch investigative reporter Warren Vieth chatted with readers Monday about Oklahoma's prescription drug abuse and overdose problem. …. Did you discover how long the waiting list for a rehab facility is?

Luther couple rise from depths of meth addiction
Micky entered a drug rehab program at Woman's New Hope House in Sault St. Marie — a facility that allows patients to bring their children. "I had to hit beyond rock bottom before I was ready to get help," Micky said. "I totally understand why people …
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Addiction Help


Addiction help – created at


Heroin spreads misery across US
A drug addict prepares a needle to inject himself with heroin in May 13 in front of a church in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles. The death of actor …… “Most of them,” says Fitzgerald, a former addict who leads the mentor program at the rehab …
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Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You: Adderall Abuse
National data on drug rehabilitation admissions have caught the large increase in admissions for primary opiate addiction but have missed the introductory role the amphetamines played in starting the downhill process.National data on emergency room …
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Why Is ‘Maybe I’m Dreaming’ (Album) by Owl City Explicit?

Question by RainbowSpinningTop: Why is ‘Maybe I’m Dreaming’ (album) by Owl City explicit?
It’s odd, because it doesn’t sound explicit.
Any specific lyrics that could be?
I’m curious.

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Answer by NYY BABY!
I don’t think there are any explicit lyrics on the album. That’s weird. Now I’m curious, haha

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Victim of suspected fatal heroin overdose in Torrington remembered, suspect in
She asked him if he was a “snorter or a booter,” a common street term used to describe addicts who inject drugs intravenously, and Abrahams, who told police he sells heroin to support his habit, identified himself as the latter. Delbene was charged …
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Lyrics on Crazy Train??

Question by Man on The Edge: lyrics on Crazy Train??
what does the Crazy Train song From Ozzy mean???

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Answer by I ? Evanescence
No idea.

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Marijuana Use Does Cause Brain Damage
The significance of research such as this is not to demonize the drug, Gruber stated, or associate the drug with the same harmful effects as other more dangerous drugs like heroin and cocaine, but to bring awareness to the potential harms of smoking …
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Police Report: April 15
Police responding to a report of a man having a seizure inside a white Chevy truck at Forest Home Liquor, 5612 W. Forest Home Ave., arrested the man for possession of heroin and cited him for possession of drug paraphernalia at about 7 p.m. April 11 …
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Why Do Kids Today Use “gay” as a Derogative?

Question by M. HippocratEz: Why do kids today use “gay” as a derogative?
I’ve heard and seen a lot of minors in the U.S., from 4 to 16 years old, and a few adults, use the word “gay” to describe something stupid, wrong, gross, or just oppositional to their point of view (not including anything that has to do with homosexuality). For example, “Why would you do heroin? That is just gay.” Why is this happening? Is it acceptable? What can we do to change this? Why am I finding it to be so prevalent? Is this part of miseducation/propaganda sponsored by the religious right or other haters?
Gay means homosexual because for the first time in history, gay men had a right to be themselves.
Gay still means “happy,” look it up in dictionaries and Christmas carols.

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