What Do You Think of Schools Teaching “Responsible Drug Use”?

Question by Lightbringer: What do you think of schools teaching “responsible drug use”?
Our kids are probably going to use drugs at some point in their younger years. And I find it disgusting and tragic whenever I hear about a teenager’s death that came about probably because s/he didn’t know how certain drugs interacted or the danger of snorting Ritalin.

Sex Education is taught as a necessary evil. Abstinence is encouraged (it is legal and I think the better way to go) but just in case is covered.

That’s how education should deal with drug use. “Just say no,” is best, but a back up plan is needed.
It breaks my heart when a youngster’s life is cut short because s/he didn’t see an avoidable danger of mixing a with b or s/he misused his/her prescription drug.
What do you think?

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Answer by Cutie
There is no such thing as responsible drug use. People die from using drugs all the time without going over what is considered the tolerable limit. Sex is something that even if they practice abstinence till marriage still needs to be discussed. People need to know the birth control methods out there to be safe with their partners and some STDs are not only sexually transfered, so thier virgin spouse make have contracted something they need to be educated about. Perscription drugs kill people all the time even when they are taken correctly. Its the fact they are taking way more then is safe that is causing their high. Just say no should be accompanied with information of what happens when you do drugs.

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3 Responses to “What Do You Think of Schools Teaching “Responsible Drug Use”?”

  • Lemanski's Ghost:

    Your assumption is, level A is too extreme, so we’re going to teach level B, and they’ll get that. The trouble is, addiction is about lack of control, loss of brakes, progressively and in some ways irreversibly. So by the time they’re at B, they’re already on the road to Z, and they can’t stop themselves. It goes against biology, genetic switches which are flipped on and never flipped off, to teach “responsible drug use,” because drug users become responsible only to their fix.

  • Fernella13:

    Sex ed has not worked. Kids are still too embarrased to use a condom or get on the pill or ask about their partners’ sexual history. Why would teaching them to use a bong or a clean needle work? Kids will do dangerous things because they want to.

  • Jonathan:

    we should teach the effects of drugs and what they do also how they effect the body after the buzz wares off we should also get in ex junkies to tell them about their experiences expressly heroin junkies they really seem to have gone through hell is that what you mean