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And the Lord Did Say “Behold, I Have Given You Every Herb Bearing Seed to Use…” Gen. 1:29-30?

Question by Ichi: and the Lord did say “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed to use…” Gen. 1:29-30?
Furthermore: he doth also utter:

“And the earth brought forth grass, every herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed should be in itself, after his kind, and I, God, saw that all things which I had made are good”. (Moses 2:12)

So the Bible, God AND Moses, thinks its’ fine to smoke pot/weed(what ever you want to call it) why is it still illegal? that is against God’s will surely?!

Best answer:

Answer by Debra M
Anything can be used to our betterment or abused.

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Nocardia Asteroides for USMLE


Nocardia Asteroides for USMLE – visit


Mom charged with trying to deliver narcotics to incarcerated son
A DNA profile from saliva on one of the mailed envelopes — which was found to have strips with a preparation containing buprenorphine, a Schedule III narcotic, and naloxone glued to the sealant on the inside flap — led investigators to the mother of …
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March 5 Webinar to Offer Health Plan, PBM Strategies to Reduce Prescription
How can plans tailor their DUR programming and case management to effectively address prescription drug overuse? How can plans maximize the use of Suboxone (buprenorphine HCl and naloxone HCl dehydrate) to improve outcomes for opioid-addicted …
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Su Con La Schiena – Progetto Di Prevenzione Posturale


Su con la schiena – Progetto di prevenzione posturale – Fisio+ Bastia U. in collaborazione con le farmacie comunali di Bastia Umbra organizza il progetto “Su con la schiena!” all’interno della scuola elementare pr…


?Suboxone??????????????????????????????????????buprenorphine??????????(naloxone????)??????????4?1?Suboxone?2002????????????? …
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Help on a Research Paper Title…do I Use Affect or Effect?

Question by Angela: Help on a research paper title…do I use affect or effect?
My title is:
How Heroin Affects Adolescents through College Students

Should I use affect or effect?

And does it sound right? It seems a little off to me any suggestions on how to fix it?

Best answer:

Answer by Andy
You should use “affects” if you mean “influences” (as I assume you do).

Whenever in doubt, you can look up definitions in the online dictionary linked below.

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Justified: "Whistle Past The Graveyard"
She didn't like how either side used Kendal as a pawn, but only inasmuch as it was yet another distraction from her constantly delayed legal studies. Indeed, a big reason why Kendal even reached out to Uncle Jack in “Raw Deal”—beyond his general …
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How Does the Pain Medicine Fentanyl Effect You, and Can You Still Lead a Fairly Normal Life?

Question by Bonnie W: how does the pain medicine fentanyl effect you, and can you still lead a fairly normal life?
i have chronic pain and am getting ready to try duragesic pain patches for the first time as prescribed by md, please let me know of your experiences or those of loved ones? how do you shower with one on? if it makes you feel worse, how long til it gets out of your system? i have read bad stuff about it, but surely they must do something good to still be on the market? my dose will be 25mcg which i assume is a low level, am wondering if this will make me a zombie, if the pain relief will be different from oxycodone and methadone, and if i can take them off and put them back on here and there to minimize the dosage or avoid addiction, which when you are going to have pain the rest of your life, addiction no longer matters as long as it won’t make me a zombie or turn mean or whatever, and how does it effect your driving? do people walk around in public normally with these patches on? i am just very fearful, hoping for answers to my pain, hoping that this will be a good thing if i do things correctly. please tell me anything you feel like sharing, i appreciate it. -i am a seriously screwed up crippled person in pain, not a druggie here so please no fast attitudes…
just wanted to say i’ve already been brushed off by busy doctors at clinic and pharmacist who said read the enclosures everything will be fine, i am trying to gather as much knowledge as possible…thanks….

Legal Lsd, Ecstasy, Shrooms, ETC?

Question by GodOfWar: Legal Lsd, Ecstasy, Shrooms, ETC?

check that site out and tell me if its a scam, i dont think its a scam….but it do sound too good to be true.

So i was wondering if any of you guys seen that site or even purchased a product from them. plz tell me me thx

Best answer:

Answer by Im not stupid i just dont care
That particular site is a scam… however nothing they sell there is illegal in the US Except 5-meo-AMT.

What they sell are substitute research chemicals (aka designer drugs) Basically its drugs that’s has had their structure changed to become a new substance that is not yet classified as illegal by the law.