Why Do Kids Today Use “gay” as a Derogative?

Question by M. HippocratEz: Why do kids today use “gay” as a derogative?
I’ve heard and seen a lot of minors in the U.S., from 4 to 16 years old, and a few adults, use the word “gay” to describe something stupid, wrong, gross, or just oppositional to their point of view (not including anything that has to do with homosexuality). For example, “Why would you do heroin? That is just gay.” Why is this happening? Is it acceptable? What can we do to change this? Why am I finding it to be so prevalent? Is this part of miseducation/propaganda sponsored by the religious right or other haters?
Gay means homosexual because for the first time in history, gay men had a right to be themselves.
Gay still means “happy,” look it up in dictionaries and Christmas carols.

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Answer by flyleaffan
why do people say god d***

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17 Responses to “Why Do Kids Today Use “gay” as a Derogative?”

  • chieko:

    why do people use the word, *gay* to mean homosexual? it used to mean being cheerful and happy…

  • Bugboy:

    Its easy to attack something you don’t understand.

  • Juan S:

    because of the way they teach it to us

  • marlow875:

    Some how the word got out falsely the word is queer gay meant happy as in joyful.

  • doombringer55:

    Because this fucking country is going to hell in a handbasket.
    at least they haven’t brainwashed you. Listen to REM.

  • Desiree:

    It’s all because of that damn purple tele tubby.

  • Jack:

    The meanings of words change constantly. The word gay 50 years ago meant happy or glad. It may be that it is changing its meaning again. Personally I don’t see a reason why the word gay must necessarily refer to homosexuals.

  • Miss_Katelyn:

    It was probably originally used by someone who hates gay people so much, that they made it an adjective to describe everything else he was opposed to or hated. I guess it just..caught on.

  • Brent Y:

    Yes, it is institutionalized homophobia, promoted by churches and common in insecure males.

  • A Simple Theatre Kinda Guy:

    It’s what they were taught to do, growing up. It’s not their fault at all, but the society that breeds such negativity to homosexuals. Not ragging on society, either, because until the 70’s, the APA declared that Homosexuality was a mental illness. It’ll take some time until the wounds from that era scar over.

  • Meenamae:

    Haven’t you noticed how these young people today can’t spell, don’t know the use of a comma or period, even make up their own words, like skool, kewl, and many more. I think it is just the fad today, although, I find it quite ignorant. I don’t think there is much we can do about it. The schools don’t seem to be teaching as well as they should.

  • Alexia B:

    I used to say it all the time in 6th grade but then I realized how stupid it is to use that as a negative term. I taught myself not to say it and none of my friends say it. When I hear someone say it I encourage someone not to do it.

  • John G:

    I really don’t care what people say, their business.

    But in my experience, the people who use it in that manner are not homophobic or anything — they don’t even really connect the word with homosexuality. It has taken on a different meaning from them, apart from it’s original usage. The memes are morphing….

  • WCHSclarinet:

    I’m 15 years old and I myself have used “gay” to say that something is stupid. I don’t mean to say that gay people are stupid. I think it’s just one of those fads and some people think it’s funny. I have tried not to say “gay” to describe something stupid because I would find that offensive if I was gay.

  • fireangle8808:

    personally i say
    omg ew thats so gay
    i use it in the sence of stupid and retated
    it is wrong to use it its like that is so man
    kinda of like that and its wrong to be gay also
    and i think gay is such a small word and
    society used to think it was so totally wrong and unacceptable to be homosexual
    and men were open about more then women(tahts why ppl dotn sayd thats so lesabein for stupid) about being homosexual that ppl where dicusted they they thought it was so stupid they used the word gay for something dumb

  • dark_huntress1986:

    A lot of male teens who use the term to tease others are not sure of their own sexuality so to hide the fact that they themselves might be a homosexual they will accuse someone else of being ‘gay’. Sometimes it is because they do not understand or they are just following the crowd

  • recovermesoon21:

    I think it is just yet another use of the word. It might not be right but it seems like it’s here to stay. Just as gay can mean happy or excited. It just depends on the context it’s being used. I think when kids use it in that sense you can’t take it as being derogatory against homosexuals. It’s simply not being used in that sense. Just in the same way that the word “ni*ger” has become an everyday word used in the black community. The word ni*ger really means ignorant. People who are racist started using the word as a racist remark. Whereas nowadays it seems to have many meanings.

    I don’t mean to offend anyone with this topic at all. I know it is very touchy but I am just stating the facts. Sad as it is all of these derogatory phrases aren’t going away.