Why Is ‘Maybe I’m Dreaming’ (Album) by Owl City Explicit?

Question by RainbowSpinningTop: Why is ‘Maybe I’m Dreaming’ (album) by Owl City explicit?
It’s odd, because it doesn’t sound explicit.
Any specific lyrics that could be?
I’m curious.

Best answer:

Answer by NYY BABY!
I don’t think there are any explicit lyrics on the album. That’s weird. Now I’m curious, haha

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One Response to “Why Is ‘Maybe I’m Dreaming’ (Album) by Owl City Explicit?”

  • Emi:

    I looked through the lyrics, and the only thing that could be construed as explicit is “Rainbow Veins.” Perhaps someone thinks the song advocates heroin/drug use (“shoot it through your veins”)?

    But other than that…I really cannot see where someone thought it was “explicit” haha.