I Need to Get Off Vicodin HELP!!?

Question by : i need to get off vicodin HELP!!?
i start a job in a few days. ive quit before and went to the hosp for bad withdrawls but i cant do that now. i seriously get so bad i wont be able to work at all. i throw up and shake, i get horrible restless legs and i even feel like things are diffrent in my head. i know it sounds bad, i told myself i would never take them again because i didnt wanna be sick and stuck in bed for a week again, but i did soo now i can either continue to take them and be ok, and freak out when i dont have any, or be soo sick my family will know im back on them. what can i take to help with the withdrawls?? i cant even sleep at night, so i take vicodin during the day and 7 tylenol pm so i can go to bed. HELP BUT PLEASE BE SERIOUS I CANT GO BACK TO THE DOCTOR FOR THIS I NEED ADVISE TO TRY THIS ON MY OWN

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Answer by FreeSpirit
As with all addictive compounds, going cold turkey is horrible. If you can’t do it, you need to start cutting your pills. Some pills even have a little dent in them to make them easier to cut. Cut them, and take them in lower and lower doses. They’re hard to cut, but it will make the withdrawl symptoms lighter, and you will eventually get over it. It’s actually a narcotic, addictive, dangerous stuff – NOT WORTH THE HIGH

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2 Responses to “I Need to Get Off Vicodin HELP!!?”

  • lala:

    Do you have a friend who can stay with you all night? Someone that has to be really strong because you will be going through a lot of pain. Your friend has to stay up and make sure you don’t take any pills. The first night without it is always the hardest, but if you know you can get through one night, you can get through more. But knowing you need to stop is the first step. Good luck.

  • DeltaQueen:

    Oh Sweetie, I know you are miserable but the first thing that you have to do is STOP taking those Tylenol PM’s, or at least so many of them at night. They are Acetaminophen based and that much can absolutely cause kidney failure,especially since you also take the Vicodin.
    Hydrocodone withdrawal as you know is very dangerous and you simply cannot safely quit cold turkey. If you really need anonymity I understand but in this extreme case I would suggest that you find at least 1 friend or family member to help you through this. If nothing else just to monitor you and for moral support,because you’ll need it!
    I am a recovering addict with going on 11yrs addiction free, however I still have to take pain medication for chronic health issues so unfortunately I know quite a bit about them.
    It is absolutely not safe to detox on your own but if I were in your shoes I would try to whine myself off of them.
    If you have them available to do it that way, just start decreasing what you normally take by 2 or 3 a day for a few days then 4 or 5, and so on and so on. At the end you should be able to take 1 or 2 before bed for the last bits of withdrawal and soon be free of them.
    If you take nothing else from this answer though, please,please stop taking so much Tylenol PM. You are in more danger from those than you are from the other. Believe me kidney/renal failure is much more painful/deadly than withdrawal.
    Best of luck to you sweety, I’ve been there and know Exactly how you feel. I don’t want to give you the “rehab” speech, but you really would be so much better off at a hospital and with family backing.
    Please at least try to have a friend help you out!