Benzodiazepine Withdrawal


Benzodiazepine Withdrawal – See what happens after years of taking anxiety medication: Benzodiazepine. UPDATE: I’m NOT the person in the video! This guy’s name is Marco and he says he was prescribed Klonopin for 29 years, abruptly discontinuing Sept.23,2006… Please contact the following users: marcostripling or his friend, zjamesb for futher information. Sorry for the confusion, but I was just helping him post this video because he couldn’t do it at the time. Thanks.


Best Alcohol Withdrawal Care for Inpatients Still Elusive

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Patients with seizures may benefit from some benzo up front to reduce their risk," Dr. Jenkins said. Dr. Finn believes that hospitalists have the biggest investment in identifying the best care for medical inpatients going through alcohol withdrawal.
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Take It From Me and Whitney Houston: Xanax Isn't Easy to Kick

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But long-term benzo use can take a toll on the brain and the body, and now she had to stop. At this particular rehab an addict would spend one week in detox to get through the medical withdrawal and then move to the recovery house, where the furniture …
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Prime Time

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Benzos and Z drugs are very addictive, and getting off them can provoke serious withdrawal symptoms over a period of many months and even years. And although it is extremely difficult to overdose on benzos alone they are very dangerous when taken in …


Brooke could lose lighting grant

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County Clerk Sylvia Benzo told the commission Tuesday the warning came from Jeff Harpold, a transportation enhancement coordinator with the West Virginia Department of Transportation, which awarded a $ 300000 grant for decorative lighting for the bridge …
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