Benzo Withdrawal – I Answer YOUR Questions…


Benzo Withdrawal – I answer YOUR questions… – EDIT: Apparently YouTube and I have had a bit of miscommunication. Aw. It actually cut some of my movie off. SO I will have to make another one soon for you…


Hanover vs. heroin: Not just an urban problem
Users, however, build up a tolerance over time, and they have to use the drug just to avoid withdrawal symptoms. "You can die from alcohol withdrawal, and you can die from benzodiazepine withdrawal," he said. "You don't die from heroin withdrawal or …
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11 Responses to “Benzo Withdrawal – I Answer YOUR Questions…”

  • YepItsHarderThanItLooks:

    Thank you for making this. ?

  • pedrophillips1968:

    Me scared nice tats love you good bye

  • Steve Jobs:

    you’re definitely the person i searched for all of my life:) Don’t know how
    i say that correct in english. I’m german, don’t worry thank you so much
    for your yt videos and the valuable information!

  • stop jihad:

    didn’t sleep for weeks….insane!!!!!!!

  • Davin Porter:

    coins on the table ya

  • Jorge Jully:

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  • Niki Lee:

    Simpletons? Passive aggressiveness will get you nowhere. Science actually
    proves how much damage these drugs do to your brain (GABA receptors, among
    others). Definitely keep in touch when you decide to come off them, though.

  • tfmntfmn:

    Here is an idea for you simpletons….possibly benzo withdrawl doesn’t
    exist….but when you take less, or none, your anxiety comes
    back….Probably not, i’m just saying But in reality, if you just take a
    small dose you’ll be fine. I am prescribed 1 mg 3x daily, but I take .5 mg
    once daily. That’s it. .5 mg, once a day. I have taken that for 3 years. I
    have had no need to increase or anything. GREAT videos though. They are
    helpful, and I will probably rewatch when I try to get off for good!

  • moneyjarrod:

    I hope you are feeling better these days. Seven months off here and still
    having hardcore symptoms.

  • Niki Lee:

    Hang in there! The withdrawal sucks… BUT you can get through it. Keep on
    rockin’ on.

  • stop jihad:

    Good luck getting off….same amt as u…when cut off…no